Jaylynn Cruz (1st Princess Miss Gibraltar pageant) Interview


1. Name

Jaylynn Cruz

Jaylynn Cruz (1st Princess) Interview
Photography by Allan Garro, Dress- Dorcas Hammond, Jewellery-Essardas, MUA-Nyree Chipolina, Hair- Rafa Anaya Climent at Midtown Hair & Beauty.

2. Tell us about yourself

I am teacher with a specialising in special educational needs and disability. I’m a Leo, 26 years old and love anything relating to skin care. I enjoy food, the beach, and time with my family and friends.

3. When did you first enter a pageant?

This was my first ever pageant. I initially entered the pageant in 2019, just before Covid. It took a lot of courage for me to sign up so when the pageant was cancelled, I was disheartened. Two years went by and the opportunity to rejoin the pageant arose, it was something that still took a lot of thought, but nevertheless it was something I wanted to do.

Jaylynn Cruz (1st Princess) Interview
Family & Friends at Miss Gibraltar 2022

4. What attracted you to enter the Miss Gibraltar pageant?

As cliche as it sounds, the Miss Gibraltar pageant was something that I always wanted to do. My younger self has always looked up to the Miss Gibraltar contestants and I wanted to be a part of it.

5. Describe the highlights of the pageant?

I would say the highlights of the pageant for me personally were moments of self reflection and growth. Equally, the laughs, struggles learning routines and friendships with the girls were just as important.

Jaylynn Cruz (1st Princess) Interview
One of my many coffee mornings at work

6. How did you prepare for Miss Gibraltar?

Preparing for Miss Gibraltar was challenging. I tried to focus on both my physical and mental health. Fundamentally, I think what prepared me the most was being true to myself and learning accepting myself for who I am. I had to recognise that my insecurities were a part of me, that my life experiences shaped me and that I could only try to be the best version of myself.

Jaylynn Cruz (1st Princess) Interview
Photography by Allan Garro, Dress- Dorcas Hammond, Jewellery-Essardas, MUA-Nyree Chipolina, Hair- Rafa Anaya Climent at Midtown Hair & Beauty.

7. Tell us about the dress you chose for the pageant.

Searching for my evening dress was crazy. I went for the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted. To be honest, nothing seemed to fit my expectations. I decided to order my dress online and risk it. We made some slight alterations, which were done with love and patience, but it was worth it.

8. What was going through your mind when they called your name as 1st Princess?

To be honest, I was so anxious that I tried to relax and enjoy the moment. I couldn’t believe that I had placed 1st Princess. I was over the moon. I felt proud of myself and couldn’t believe that it was all coming to an end.

Jaylynn Cruz (1st Princess) Interview
Graduating in Special Education and Inclusive Needs, 2017

9. How do you respond to those that feel that Pageants are outdated?

This was actually my on-stage question! I answered this truthfully and continue to stick by my thoughts. Pageants allow for platforms to highlight societal issues, and celebrate women for both their beauty and intelligence. I believe that people should be embraced and celebrated in anyway they chose to.

10. Tell us about your pageant platform?

I am a special needs teacher, so I am a big advocate for inclusivity. I intend on using my platform to help communicate and promote this. There are some wonderful charities in Gibraltar that I want to work with. I am very grateful to be invited to local charity events and to give support where I can. It’s important to give back where possible and use the platform to make a positive influence. Recently, I’ve been hosting some coffee mornings at school in order to raise funds for different charities. We’ve got a big Christmas Craft Fair event that myself and colleagues have organised and I have a few things in mind for the upcoming year.

Jaylynn Cruz (1st Princess) Interview
A picture of me when I was younger; Of course, wearing a tiara.

11. No. 1 Models is sending you to Miss Grand International, what does this mean to you and how are you preparing for this?

At the moment I’m learning about the pageant itself, watching previous shows and following different events pertaining to it. Trying to look for some sponsor’s that would like to support me. I’ve got almost a whole year to prepare, I intend on making this an enjoyable, fulfilling experience and something that I can can welcome with open arms.

Jaylynn Cruz (1st Princess) Interview
My mum when she placed 2nd princess, Miss Gibraltar 1993

12. Which women inspire you most?

My Mum, without hesitation! She is the epitome of everything I want to be. I am lucky that I am surrounded by supportive, resilient and hard-working women. My Mama, Aunties, Cousins, Mother in Law, Sister in Law and close friends.

13. What advice would you give ladies that are thinking about signing up to the Miss Gibraltar pageant?

Do it. It is almost impossible, but don’t over think it. A good piece of advice, that I was grateful to be told, was to make sure that you do it for yourself. It’s a journey, rollercoaster and lots of fun if you do it right.

Jaylynn Cruz (1st Princess) Interview
Throw back to when I was 17 years old on the cover of Globe Magazine. Image by: Figgy Photography

14. Where can Globe Magazine readers follow your journey?

Follow @No1Models on Instagram and Facebook.
Follow my personal journey on my Instagram @missgrandgibraltar

Lots of love, Jaylynn x


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