Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview


1. Name

Faith Torres

Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview
Photography by Allan Garro, Hair & Makeup Rafa Anaya Climent @Midtown Hair & Beauty

2. Tell us about yourself?

I am a 22 year old biomedical science graduate with a passion for music and helping others. I was awarded “Most Promising Pianist” when I was 16 at the annual GIBFYM and sang in Disneyland Paris with the Gibraltar youth choir!

3. When did you first enter a pageant?

I love the art of modelling and fashion, however the pagentry world has always been something I’ve wanted to explore! So Miss Gibraltar 2022 was my first pageant but definitely not my last.

Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview
Photography by Allan Garro, Hair & Makeup Rafa Anaya Climent @Midtown Hair & Beauty

4. What attracted you to enter the Miss Gibraltar pageant?

This pageant has always sat on my horizon as I can appreciate the personal growth it brings. As this is my gap year in education, I thought what better time than right now!

5. Describe the highlights of the pageant?

It’s all about the journey, not the destination. I feel blessed to have met such beautiful girls along with the whole production team and everyone who made this possible. All the laughs at rehearsals, team building activities and outings are what made this an unforgettable experience.

Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview
Photography by Allan Garro, Hair & Makeup Rafa Anaya Climent @Midtown Hair & Beauty

6. How did you prepare for Miss Gibraltar?

Asides from the usual keeping fit at the gym and self-care pastimes, I made sure to educate myself on humanitarian issues and worldliness. Also, standing at 1.81m tall, walking in heels is not something I was accustomed to; so I really had to practice my pageant walk!

7. Tell us about the dress you chose for the pageant.

I personally love simplicity and the somewhat minimalistic look, so I went for a very basic silver/ pearl blue evening gown. I added some linear, silver sequin patterns on the top half which ended over my left shoulder to give the dress a little more character. I wanted a high neck dress as i love having my hair up into a slick back elegant ponytail. The slit and mid-to-low back gave the illusion that I was taller (even though I don’t need it!). I ended this elegant look with a dark red lip. I am super thankful the judges noticed all the hard work Dorcas Hammond and I put into this dress and was awarded this Miss Elegance Award!

Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview
My Graduation day- 08.09.2022

8. What was going through your mind when they called your name as the new Miss Gibraltar?

At that point, it was all or nothing. Given my little onstage panic in the interview section I wasn’t feeling too hopeful but hey, everyone gets nervous! All I heard was “contestant number ten – “and I instantly got emotional. It was such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and I will forever be thankful for this opportunity.

Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview
Genetic Medicine Dissertation investigation (2022) Oxford

9. How do you respond to those that feel that Pageants are outdated?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions as long as they are respectful. Pageants give women across the globe a platform to advocate for what they believe in. It also teaches women dedication, professionality, sportsmanship and so much more. The format has gone through a drastic transformation thanks to individuals like Julia Morley, with the focus shifting to the contestant’s numerous abilities, not just their appearance. I find pageants empower women as they shine a spotlight on female role-models in this male-dominated world. Pageants are a runway to success, regardless of the woman’s background. Pageants know no race, religion, or wealth and I think that’s the true beauty of pageants.

Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview
GAMPA takes part in Disney’s performing arts programme (2016)

10. Tell us about your pageant platform?

Being a scientist I am focused on engrossing myself with the help and promotion of healthcare charities. Our bodies and minds are not separate. What many people seem to forget is that mental health is not only health, but significantly impacts ones physical health. For example, depression increases the risk for many types of physical health problems, particularly long-lasting conditions such as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) which are the leading cause of death, globally. From bullying in the school playground to inequalities in the workplace, to an individual’s relationship with themselves, I am eager to raise awareness for the importance of mental health. It is through my own relationship and journey with mental health that I am determined to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health in Gibraltar.

11. No. 1 Models is sending you to Miss World what does this mean to you and how are you preparing for this?

The Miss World stage is an honour and a dream come true. I get to represent not only women in Gibraltar, but the Gibraltarian identity. Again, apart from the standard self-care activities like frequenting the gym, I am working alongside the amazing pageant coach Kelvin Hewitt to improve my potentials for the preliminary rounds. I endeavour to educate myself in humanitarian issues and engage myself in activism and worldliness. I am currently preparing some Beauty with a Purpose campaigns which I can’t wait to share with you!

Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview
Piano recital at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity- December 2018

12. Which women inspire you most?

It’s so hard to narrow this one down! As a chemistry lover, I have to say Marie Curie as she was the first female scientist to win a Nobel prize for medicine following her discovery of two chemical elements, radium and polonium. Another inspirational woman I look up to is Malala Yousafzai who overcame an assassination attempt by the Taliban at the age of 15. She dedicates herself in advocating for women’s and children’s rights to an education which is tragically still not allowed in many countries around the world. I look up to our very own Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino Lopez as she demonstrated that despite Gibraltar being the smallest country to take part in Miss World, no voice is too small to make a difference. Daily I aspire to be as loving as the women in my family, whom without, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview
Singing at the ‘Rock Against Addiction’ charity event 2018


13. What advice would you give ladies that are thinking about signing up to the Miss Gibraltar pageant?

Anyone can be a Miss Gibraltar. Ladies, stop trying to fit the mould, it doesn’t exist. Some years Miss Gibraltar is tall, others she is short, some are blonde with blue eyes other years she has black hair brown eyes. Throughout the Miss Gibraltar journey all the way to the onstage pageant I made many mistakes which just shows that the judges aren’t seeking perfection, they’re looking for sincerity. This self-confidence and a kind heart wanting to help others will transpire and the judges will pick up on it. As cliche as it sounds, if you’re seeking perfection stop looking on instagram and look in the mirror because the most perfect thing you could ever be is yourself; not only for a pageant but for a lifetime.

Faith Torres (Miss Gibraltar 2022) Interview
Upper Rock nature reserve photoshoot with photographer Allan Garro

14. Where can Globe Magazine readers follow your journey?

To follow my road to Miss World please like the “Miss Gibraltar” Facebook page and follow “@missgibraltarofficial” on instagram. If you would like to follow my personal instagram it is “@faithtxrres”. My DM’s are always open whether you’re sad, mad, if you need advice, or a friend to talk to. You are never alone.

(Please be cautious of fake accounts)


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