In spite of the reference to Nutrition, our interview with the amiable Guy Olivero turned out to be an eye opener. He is young and well presented, he has taken the necessary courses that qualify him to advice on weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition and general well-being but he comes over as much more than a trainer. In his twenties, a split with his girlfriend marked him and he spiralled into a life of drink, drugs and depression, which lasted five years. He sought help and through mentorship and AA he conquered the odds, coming out with a strong appetite to help those, who may have gone through similar experiences. He now has an online presence and clientele following him and he’s a joy to talk to.

“Two and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis and I think that in spite of medicine, there is always a way through diet, which can help. I started a course in nutrition and it helped me completely, so after a few months of strict dieting, I said goodbye to low energy, brain fog, low appetite and mood swings. I thought if I was able to cure an illness by myself then I could help others. Prior to the nutrition course, I had also started a physical training programme, which taught me how not to get hurt when exercising etc, so armed with my truth and my new tools, I started giving help online.”

“I knew that I could advice those with similar problems to me because I have been there and understand the pitfalls, the darkness and the addiction. The power of the mind is everything and stress has to be controlled, as well as, emotions and eating the right foods. I discovered that there is a lot of discipline and sacrifice involved in trying to get better. For example, I tell my clients that each day is won by pressing little buttons. If I were to ask you to get up at 6am and in spite of your doubts you do it, you have already achieved a goal, then if you follow my exercise routine to get your blood pumping and then go to the Gym and afterwards drink my prescribed ‘smoothie’, you will feel a lot better for it. You are on the way to improving yourself. It’s work and sacrifice that is going to straighten your life and strengthen your resolve to be a better version of yourself.”

“People, who follow my plan adopt a winning mindset by going out of their comfort zone and working towards a goal to become the best version of themselves. I may have my critics, but I know that I must be doing something right because I have a weekly group therapy session and I see results and happy clients. I strive to cultivate a special relationship with each one and I see the success of their efforts, which transform their lives, whether through well-being, weight loss, or a new mindset.

“I have now been practicing for six months and I have a client, who has lost 19 kilos and is really happy and fit. I have a young lad, who had no self-esteem at all and he is now recording himself and aspires to be a life coach. There is also a lady, who was very unfit and overweight, who now goes to the gym sometimes twice a day. Not because I say so, but because she motivates herself and feels that much better.”

I haven’t yet met anyone on the trainer and mentoring circuit that seems more genuine and convinced of his methods of improving the lives of people, who through different circumstances in their lives, have been beaten by what life can throw at them but they want to get up and try to fight through with the right help and the right mentoring.

Money does not concern him that much although he doesn’t do this for fun. He strikes up a personal relationship with his clients and sometimes if the case demands it, he has worked pro bono. I see in his eyes the sincerity and the compassion that he brings to the table because he has been there on the floor and has fought to get up and improve himself physically and mentally. He gets up in the morning to do this and he knows that the benefits, which clarity of mind, a sense of purpose and a healthy body through diet and exercise can improve a person. If you are down he has your corner and he will help you get up again. You can only win if you fight back.

Contact him on line or in person. or His telephone number is: +350 54033572

Text By Joe Adambery

 Photographs By Allan Garro



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