1. Shania Ballester

Age: 19


I began my modelling career at the age of 9 when I joined No1 School of Models, as a young child I was very shy and quite insecure, after a few years I gained not only a great deal of confidence but also acquired and developed many skills which have become imperative in making me the person I am today. I have always watched the Miss Gibraltar Pageant religiously, quite frankly its more of a tradition, I admire the courage and tenacity that it takes to enter a Pageant so respected like Miss Gibraltar, therefore I wanted to show that once shy little 9 year old girl to overcome past fears and make her life dream a reality! it simply warms my heart on how just entering the Miss Gibraltar Pageant has inspired many young girls within my family and friends showing them to always follow your dreams no matter how big they seem!

  1. Kayligh Lara

Age: 26


Entering this pageant is a long held goal of mine, a way to boost my confidence and self esteem

  1. Esther Kelleher

Age: 26


After many years of modelling, I wanted to challenge myself into something new. I’m motivated to work towards something I’ve never achieved & I look forward to the experience & person growth I hope to achieve throughout this pageant.

  1. Zyanne Gracia

Age: 18


I’ve entered the Miss Gibraltar pageant because I’ve been into modelling and pageants since a young age. I want to gain more confidence to move into bigger and better things, I find this a great opportunity to showcase my skills and what I’ve learnt throughout the years about modelling and pageants.

  1. April Baldachino

Age: 25


I’ve aspired to participate in the Miss Gibraltar competition because I aim to serve as an inspiration for individuals grappling with insecurities and to be a vocal advocate for them. Many people face daily challenges, and I, too, have confronted my fair share of obstacles, having been diagnosed with a rare condition known as Scleroderma, which has significantly impacted my way of life and my mindset. I desire to share my story with other

  1. Lauren Shephard

Age: 24


To step out of my comfort zone as it’s not like anything I have ever done before. Having heard from friends the positive impact it was for them in past pageants I wanted to experience it also.

  1. Phoebe Noble

Age: 21


I’ve entered this pageant as I like to put myself out of my comfort zone – I think that’s one of the best ways to grow as a person.

  1. Macey Brooklyn

Age: 23


To embrace new challenges, offer help where i can and explore a different category of modelling.

  1. Courtney Edwards

Age: 26


I have entered miss Gibraltar because I have spent years complimenting other women,  working with children I give positive affirmations on a daily basis to them and teach them to love everything about themselves and it made me realize that I can not advocate that if I do not practice it on myself. Others beauty does not eliminate my own. I have been on a long journey over the last few years to grow as a person, to love myself with my differences and medical issues and I aim to be the candidate I needed to see when I was younger watching this pageant

Production: No.1 Models Gibraltar

Photography: Charlene Figueras

Photography assistant: Shyanne Azzopardi

Models: Miss Gibraltar 2024 contestants

No. 1 Beauty Salon, Makeup: Rafa Anaya, Hair: Daniella Lima

Outfits: Trends Gibraltar

Shoot Location: Viceroy

Kelvin Hewitt 

No1 Models Gibraltar (Director)


Watch Miss Gibraltar 2022 Final Show! 


No1 Models,



Tel. +350 54028980

Facebook – No1 Models Gibraltar

Instagram – No1_models_gibraltar


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