Pro Valeting’s Professional Detailing and More


Car valeting or car detailing as it’s now known, is a well established go-to grooming service for motor cars if you want to look after your vehicle properly and keep it gleaming as in showroom condition. Let’s face it if you are spending £10k-£70k (or over) for a car, you want it to keep its value to protect your investment. If you like pampering your car you cannot have failed to notice the busy valeting area just past and underneath Smith Dorrien Bridge, besides casemates a very familiar car forecourt now well protected under its swanky new awning.

Pro Valeting’s Professional Detailing and More Pro Valeting’s Professional Detailing and More

Pro Valeting has been in the ‘car detailing’ business for over twenty years. Simon started from Safeway’s after returning from university. Nowadays he offers the latest and best car detailing service in this corner of the world.

“This is ‘Pro Valeting Gibraltar,’ we now call it detailing which is deep cleaning, wash/drying and polishing-but there’s more. We offer paint correction packages from minor scratch removals to a full body repaint. Other services include engine washing, anti-bacterial upholstery cleaning and ceramic coating protection. We are the sole ‘Ceramic Pro’ authorised applicators in Gibraltar, that’s a process that gives your car a hard glass coating which can prevent stone chips and scratches, as well as repelling water and harmful UV rays away from the original paint work. In our detailing garage we have special lighting and tooling to obtain the best results. It’s not cheap but it’s the ultimate protection for your vehicle and the best in the market.”

Pro Valeting’s Professional Detailing and More

“Valeting packages start from £35 for a basic Bronze Package, other valets we offer are our Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages. Because we also have our garage here- Tyre Spot, our mechanics will always check your tyre pressure, tread condition and brake pads as well as the engine levels and windscreen washer. We also have a very popular air-conditioning refill package. Our tyre service and wheel balancing are complemented by brake calliper painting as well as our wheel and alloy restoration service. We are registered with IDA ‘International Detailing Association’ and all our employees go on training courses to stay up to date with the latest trends.”

Pro Valeting’s Professional Detailing and More

“In our garage – ‘Tyre Spot by Pro Valeting’, we service and replace tyres as well provide hydraulic hoses and parts to a range of companies in Gibraltar. Other services include puncture repair, brake pad replacement, wheel balancing and alignment, and the general servicing of vehicles. We are a one stop shop where you come in to get your car valeted and at the same time, we give you the servicing for safety and it’s all logged for your car service history. We work closely with local insurance companies too . Lastly we also do stone chip repairs to windscreens and replacments by GibGlass (which is independant from the Car Glass company). We are the only people who do this in Gibraltar.”

Pro Valeting’s Professional Detailing and More

Pro Valeting is part of the”Pro Services Group” which has grown vastly over the years.
Our detailing services can turn around 6 cars at the same time and they also also have a mobile service with a fully equiped detailing van which can go to a customer’s location and work there. Wether its jetwash or our Waterless washing, its totally eco friendly detailing processes enble them to look after fleets of vans like the Post office vans in their own compound apart from others too. If you are too busy to take in your vehicle they will (for a small charge) collect it from you with one of out electric scooters fleet and return it fully valeted when it’s ready emmision free.

Their services have expanded over the years to cater for bespoke marine detailing ”Pro Services Marine” to high-rise eco friendly window cleaning service, ”Pro Services” (up to the 10th floor) owning the tallest cherry picker on the Rock (which can also be hired with driver).

Pro Valeting’s Professional Detailing and More

Simon is righthly proud of his Pro Services Group of businesses and of the trust he has built up with his customers over more than twenty years. A couple of our major garages trust Pro Valeting with their newly imported cars for degreasing and detailing before they put them into their showrooms. So next time you see a gleaming new car with a dealer plate out on a trial spin, the chances are that Pro Valeting team have already done their magic to it and perhaps even treated it with a Ceramic Pro coating, which includes a hydrophobic coating to repel water.

Pro Valeting’s Professional Detailing and More

Newly imported cars are trusted with the proffesional valeting service that Pro Valeting provides. After all cars are expensive toys nowadays and keeping them in showroom condition is happily and easily achieved by putting your trust in his team, who are the leaders and the experts in pampering your set of wheels, so that when you’re cruising around, turned heads will be wondering…how do you keep your car in such good condition? Wonder no more and give them a call at Pro Valeting Gibraltar and then it will also be your time to shine.

Text By Joe Adambery


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