Jamena Properties LTD


I suppose you could say it’s obvious when requiring some work done on your property you want it done well and, of course, professionally. JAMENA Properties Ltd you’ll find ticks all the boxes, when committed to the task!

‘A smile of recognition’ will appear across your face when you experience the handover moments as the company’s professionals deliver a job on completion, that’s very noticeably well done and finished to an exceptionally high standard.

Jamena Properties LTD

…Well, I was met by two of the company’s clued-up and very knowledgeable senior employees – Richard Muscat is the Managing Director of the company, which he took over from his former Spanish directors but ‘He, of athletic endeavours,’ was out of town on other business – so it was left to Kayleigh Catania and Anabella Muscat to tell me what JAMENA PROPERTIES Ltd was all about.

Jamena Properties LTD
Bassadone Showroom Flooring

So I sat and listened, ready to absorb the variety of work they take on – a construction company with a difference you may well say! They will tackle reinforcement of concrete structures, structural repairs, facades (using Lifeline Protection methods), flooring, insulation and other undertakings, which even include internal ‘rock fall’ prevention, the well informed ladies told me.

Jamena Properties LTD
Airport Fire Brigade Flooring

The company’s produced work for the MOD here on the Rock at the British Forces HQ Tower in the Dockyard, applying flooring in the courtyard and balconies both to an impressive high standard as stated by MOD bosses there! Something called, ‘rubber crumb’ flooring is used. A form of paint is how it’s best described and JAMENA’S expertise has also been applied at the new Lathbury Barracks Sports Grounds’ swimming pool and athletics track, in our schools, assisting in Government Housing projects and even up the Rock, way up high on the Skywalk!

Jamena Properties LTD
Skywalk (Upper Rock)

Kayleigh and Annabelle were keen to inform me that SIKA is a Swiss company that’s been involved in providing knowhow and the materials used here. JAMENA has benefitted from the training offered by the Swiss Company (SIKA).

Jamena Properties LTD
MOD Admiral Tower Balcony & Courtyard Flooring

About half of JAMENA’S workforce is fully trained to undertake the important ‘need to know’ methods when dealing with the materials necessary for each individual job. In fact, they are the only certified SIKA appliers in Gibraltar; not only that but as a company, JAMENA is trying to reduce CO2 emissions and they use SIKA products, which are non-carcinogenic, free from cancer-causing products.

Jamena Properties LTD
MOD 4 Corners Rubber Crumb Flooring

The company currently employs about 25 individuals and despite the heavy workload that comes JAMENA’S way – one of only a very few construction companies allowed to continue work during the dreaded ‘Covid’ Pandemic – they now have their eye on promoting their expertise and expanding their business abroad…yes, to the UK: solar energy is the next thing for them with another innovative idea using a set of materials not requiring solar panels but by other ways and means of grabbing the sun’s rays! Clearly there’s a hard working team at JAMENA PROPERTIES Ltd, located at 4 COTCHFOE HOUSE IN SHACKLETON ROAD (just off Devil’s Tower Road)…

So, consider a job well done by getting in touch by email: info@jamena-ltd.gi or log onto, www.jamena-ltd.gi or you can give then a ring on…225 00551 (8:00am to 3:00pm) alternatively on 56001132.

Text By Richard Cartwright


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