Ayurveda – A Sip in the right direction…


Ayurveda, In splendid Isolation

Within an untamed cultural proximity, stands a breathtaking new wholesome concept. But so vibrant and Flavoursome is its concept that its influence and ideology has set the benchmark in organic cold juice pressing. With its frequent imports of fresh produce from various parts of the world, it continues to focus in keeping the local population healthy.

Ayurveda - A Sip in the right direction…

Seal of Approval

The combination of American style bagels with fresh cold pressed fruits and vegetables has proved successful. Our ideas have proved prolific and we will continue to showcase these methods.

We all look to redefine moments and shape history, create moments to last a lifetime, and that is exactly what ‘Ayurveda’ aims to achieve and continue to live to its company motives.

Ayurveda - A Sip in the right direction…


What is very apparent is that menu ideas and ideology of juicing has evolved and we will continue to evolve with it.

With implementation of dynamic and exotic fruits and vegetables to the already available options our focus to be Gibraltar’s premier juicing and bagel bar entity remains a vision and protocol we are constantly embracing on.


Ayurveda - A Sip in the right direction…

People today want much more from a just a fresh pressed juice. They are looking for food, smoothies and coffees with taste, freshness and nutritionally well balanced… food without additives, sugar or preservatives. Our flare creates this difference. Our innovation and dedication are the perfect vessels for carrying taste and finesse in a meal making it both natural, flavoursome and delicate.  

‘Ayurveda’ over the past 5 weeks has become a household name from quality homemade American bagels at very reasonable prices with unparalleled service. Our messaging device and protocol allows customers to write back reviews, place orders and speak directly to the sales executive making your meal, juice or smoothie as unique and with precision accuracy. We continue to develop this customer contact as we progress.

Ayurveda - A Sip in the right direction…

Every detail matters

It’s all Meticulous… from the root of the vegetable down to the service. This is what we do! We are defined by what we are! As a brand we seamlessly stretch and be leased into the wide spectrum of the market. Ensuring longevity, we can open our wide variety of range by offering new found freedom – by always championing taste

Ayurveda - A Sip in the right direction…

We are the pioneers of the wholesome homemade American bagels and fresh cold pressed juices and delicate smoothies using homemade milks – designed for the busy active individual! Ayurveda – Power by minerals

Ayurveda is located at 15 Cornwall’s Parade, telephone number: 225 00999, e-mail: admin@ayurveda.gi or find them on Facebook and Instagram @ayurvedagibraltar


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