Shalom on stage at ‘La Gramola’ in Algeciras


On Friday 18th November last at the ‘Sala Gramola’ in Algeciras, a capacity crowd witnessed the debut of the renewed version of the heavy rock band, ‘Shalom’.

Looking into their formative years, Shalom were formed in 1987 rehearsing at ‘La Granja’ in Algeciras. To date, they are possibly the most successful rock band of the era from there who managed to create openings in the very difficult Spanish national music scene of the time. The four local lads, who were the original members, were Sebastián Guerrero (vocals), brothers Juan and Rubén Tamayo, guitarist and bassist respectively and Tony Jurado on drums.

Shalom on stage at ‘La Gramola’ in Algeciras

The group’s musical influences were classic Hard Rock acts such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or Pink Floyd, as well as, more contemporary bands such as Van Halen, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Barón Rojo.

In May of that year, they recorded their first demo at the ACM Studios in Málaga, achieving national prestige with it and with which they recorded on TVE music program ‘A Tope’ and the rest, as they say, is history!

On the night, one can highlight the big presence of about 50 to 60 diehard fans (total hall capacity 350), amongst the massive turnout, who had travelled all the way from Ceuta for the occasion. The atmosphere at the ‘Gramola’ was electric, as fans enjoyed reminiscing and singing along to the tracks of classic ‘Shalom’ tunes.

We remind you that the present members of the band are Sebastián Guerrero, who’s the band’s original singer, Carlos Armesto on bass, Chico Palenzuela on drums, Javi Santana on keyboards and Koto Bermúdez on guitar. Therefore, with Sebas, as fans enthusiastically were crying out, he represents the link between the past and present of this legendary band. Shalom has returned with a vengeance due to the desire and hard work of its individual members, as much as, the enthusiasm and acceptance of the audience that filled ‘La Gramola’.

Amongst the high points of the concert, we can highlight the cameo appearance on stage of the Tamayo brothers, Juan and Rubén, who were original members of Shalom and who wanted to reappear on stage before the audience at ‘La Gramola’ as an emotive gesture towards this renewed version of ‘Shalom’, which has taken up the challenge. Also performing on the night alongside ‘Shalom’ were Guachi, ‘Brual Thin’s’ guitarist, who also wanted to be present and pay tribute to ‘Shalom’ in this concert.

Shalom on stage at ‘La Gramola’ in Algeciras

The audience were pulsating with all these musicians on stage, who offered the best of their art form. Credit must also be given to the directors of ‘La Sala Gramola’ for organising this memorable event in their premises where the sound and visual effects make the experience of being present at one of their concerts that extra special. And obviously, last but not least, congratulate ‘Shalom’, who has shown that this band returns to open another chapter in their musical evolution together with a fan-base totally committed to the cause. One would like to wish ‘Shalom’ every success in their new venture.

At the end of November, founder bass player, Rubén Tamayo, decided to rejoin the band and become part of the new Shalom project.

Agustín Del Valle Pantojo


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