An Action Packed Wednesday Night


Text And Photographs By David J. Diaz

Wednesday 22nd November will be a night for the ages as despite the weekday gig, Boyd’s had a packed house of eager music lovers, who gladly paid for the tickets to witness ‘La Fin Del Mundo’ from Argentina on tour; the ladies were supported by local band Cedar and singer/songwriter Guy Valarino

The night was kicked off by Mr Guy Valarino and let me tell you readers, he is truly one whose prowess can be felt upon his stepping onto the stage. The key to Guy is that all his tracks are anthems and easy listening. I can’t think of a time where I haven’t once sung to myself some of his hits, especially those from his two EPs in ‘Sleeping on a Couch’ and ‘Oceans’. 

His finesse as he strums on his guitar is second to none and it is absolute joy to be able to embrace it all as an experience. There was also room on his set for his newest single Don’t Forget Your Breathing which was only just released a few weeks ago. The vocals, the guitars and overall composition of it all is phenomenal and one I immediately added to my playlist. The track is now available on all digital music platforms. I am confident that with this new single, Guy will release more music; something to look out for in 2024, no doubt.

Next up were Cedar. Now Cedar, despite the fact that they only started gigging back in March, have come a long way and that to me speaks volumes. The lads work hard and play hard. They knew exactly what they set out to do at their debut gig and have passed with flying colours. Their tracks aren’t just catchy but wouldn’t be out of place when you play them alongside big time bands. As of this writing, they have released two singles ‘Weird’ and ‘Nightshift’. 

The lads stepped onto the stage with some news under their sleeves and in my opinion and that of many in attendance and know local music, it truly is fantastic news. It was the band’s own Patrick Murphy that announced to the crowd that the band will be embarking on a tour of the UK come February; superb news all around and one to toast to. I know for a fact that the band will definitely achieve even bigger things come 2024.

When asked about what this meant to the band, Patrick Murphy said; “We’re so excited to get out to the UK for this run of shows. It’s been a truly incredible year for us, and after all the hard work playing, writing and recording constantly, we get to live out some personal goals and spend some time on the road together. It’s also been lovely seeing so much local support for what we’re doing and we’re hoping to see some familiar faces on our travels.”

The main event was up next. Fin Del Mundo composed of four women and hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina were met with loud cheers as soon as I hopped on stage and rightfully so. Speaking to this Magazine, the band’s own Julieta Heredia said; “We wouldn’t have ever imagined to play so far away from home. This tour is also our first time playing outside of South America too. It is mind blowing for us when we get to check out where our music is listened to.”

The ladies before and after everything would translate everything from Spanish to English and then until someone yelled out that we all understood, the music just flowed and we were all treated to an absolutely sublime and flawless performance. Their hits ‘La Noche’ and ‘El Último Verano’ which together have been streamed as of this writing an outstanding 903,083 times sounded different live but the good different. There is a lot of precision in the guitars, drums and vocals and one I absolutely enjoyed. We were also treated to two new tracks in ‘Trueno’ and ‘Marea’ which could also end up being big hits for them.

Overall a fantastic night of music, even if it was on a Wednesday night! May live music continue to be as supported as it was at this particular gig.

HUGE thanks to Berto Cáceres Caracuel (Spinda Records) and Wayne Meenagh (FutureSoundz) for allowing me to chronicle the gig.

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